Serena brings authentic Mediterranean flavour to your table. Inspired by the traditional and flavoursome food synonymous with the Mediterranean region, Serena products promise to delight at every meal. Whether your dish calls for simple ingredients or something a bit more special, our comprehensive range of authentic products will transform your home-cooked meal into a culinary master piece right out of the Mediterranean.

Buon Appetito!

Country of Origin

Spain, Italy, Netherlands, China


Brand products

Cannelloni Tubes (250g)

Lasagne Sheets (250g)

Lasagne Sheets (500g)

Spinach Lasagne Sheets (250g)

Linguine (500g)

Spaghetti (500g)

Spaghettini (500g)

Potato Gnocchi (500g)

Capelli d’angelo (500g)

Farfalle (500g)

Fusilli (500g)

Fusilli Tricolore (500g)

Macaroni (500g)

Penne Rigate (500g)

Pipe Rigate (500g)

Tagliatelle (500g)

Basil Pesto (190G)

Sundried Tomato Pesto (190G)

Italian Finely Chopped Tomatoes (390g)

Italian Chopped Tomatoes (400g)

Italian Whole Cherry Tomatoes (400g)

Italian Whole Peeled Tomatoes (400g)

Tomato Paste (70g)

Balsamic Vinegar (1L)

Balsamic Vinegar (250ml)

Balsamic Vinegar (500ml)

Red Wine Vinegar (500ml)

White Balsamic Condiment (500ml)

White Wine Vinegar (500ml)

Gluten Free Corn Couscous (250g)

Arborio Rice (1kg)

Couscous (1kg)

Couscous (500g)

Wholewheat Couscous (500g)

Artichoke Hearts (390g)

Butter Beans (400g)

Chick Peas (400g)

Red Kidney Beans (400g)

Baby Capers Non Pareil (100g)

Caperberries (240g)

Capers (100g)

Green Peppercorns (110g)

Plain Pappadums (100g)

Extra Virgin Olive Oil (750ML)