The Jemz range of specialty products ensures you always have the ingredients required to create your favourite dish despite natural seasonal constraints on availability. From authentic Thai coconut milk to handpicked black pitted cherries from Turkey, Jemz always delivers premium quality at great value.

Country of Origin

Thailand, China, Hungary & Turkey


Brand products

Blue Berries in Syrup (410g)

Strawberries in Syrup (410g)

Morello Cherries (680g)

Pitted Black Cherries (425g)

Coconut Cream (165ml)

Coconut Cream (400ml)

Coconut Milk (165ml)

Coconut Milk (400ml)

Coconut Milk Lite (165ml)

Lite Coconut Milk (400ml)

Litchis in Syrup (567g)

Asparagus Salad Cuts (430g)

Medium White Asparagus Spears (430g)